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I mean, the guy seems bellow the curve, but the vid looks legit:

Also, and separately:
I played around and caused this weird glitch to happen and I reproduced it 3 times:
But I don’t know how to make it useful.


No one knows how to replicate it, but holy cow, will this be absolutely essential for bosses going forward, if we can figure this out.

As for your little trick, I can't think of any place where it can have a use, but it's neat to know you can do that. Can you do that elsewhere? Or just the elevator room to Raven Beak? If the latter, then yeah, this has no use outside of slight amusement.


Actually, looks like it blows up those red things and can be performed with the basic beam without ever using dash. It’s a good technique already in use.


Reading through the GameFAQs posts and yeah... I kind of suspect that this might be a bit of a hoax.

The only proof we have of this being a thing is the videos they've made of them beating bosses. They don't even show any of the step they take to even try to replicate the glitch as it is.

The supposed steps to do it (aside from having already been kind of debunked) are kind of tedious to do and would almost require you have a Switch dedicated to just playing Metroid Dread and for it to never lose power. As it is now, it just doesn't FEEL like it would be worth it.

Like, I would love to have the ability to just machine gun missiles like they're shown there. Even with all the tricks to help with mashing beams out, it can still take a bit of a toll on your arm. Having an option, superior or otherwise, that could take such wear and tear off would certainly be nice and help out.

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We already know with the slow speed booster glitch that these types of flags can carry over to parts of the game they weren't intended to. It's very similar.
There's a couple scenarios in the game where the fire rate of missiles do get adjusted, like after certain upgrades or during certain parry sequences.
The aforementioned coupled with the fact there's multiple different recordings of the exact same "glitch" make this quite likely to be a real thing—we just don't know how to replicate it yet.


Slow speed booster? What events change missile fire rates? Just parry? I am excited to test more.