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Despite having 19 people with the verifier role (or above) here, I have observed on many, many occasions that runs here languish unverified for weeks.

This is especially egregious for top 10 runs and world record runs. At this very moment there are at least three 1:17 NMG runs (i.e. runs that are faster than the listed WR) awaiting verification.

Please grow the corpus of verifiers and consider removing the role from anyone who hasn't verified a run in the past two weeks, as it seems those users are simply wearing the role as a badge and not taking their responsibilities seriously.


I am not a mod or a verifier, but I am sure they're a lot of runs still waiting to be verified due to IRL reasons. Some could be sick, dealing with personal issues outside of the norm, etc.
However it is made pretty clear when you submit a run that it can take weeks for your run to be verified, so it's best just to be patient.
If you want to become a verifier, why not message one of the mods to see if you can help lighten the load instead of making a thread about this?

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There is merit to both sides. With 19 members and the changes to remove verification from top X times, one could expect an improved turn around time. Top players seem to be playing less or not submitting as often as well. Some runs take days to weeks, others seem to be verified within 3 days. It's inconsistent, which can be frustrating.

We don't have access to all the information though. It's possible other factors are impacting the verification. At the end of the day, they are people, volunteers even. For something that is at best, a hobby.

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The verifiers are also regular people too, volunteering their time for this. They have lives outside of this, doing other things or runs of their own. We can’t expect them to spend every waking moment verifying runs, that’s unrealistic.

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I don't like the argument "speedrunning is a hobby at best" when there's dudes like Oatsngoats who've literally made a career out of it. I don't really have anything to contribute to the main argument here, I just wanted to say that real quick.


We apologize for any lengthy wait times for verification but please understand that all the verifiers and moderators for this game are people too. even says after submitting a run "It will take up to 3 weeks to be verified at points" but thats not always a guarentee, especially if it's the most popular speedgame for a while (I speak from experience as someone who's waited for 4 months for an SMO submission). We don't dedicate our lives to only verify runs 24 hours a day and while yes there are a lot of us, keep in mind some of us get very busy at points and dont have time to verify some days at all. We all have IRL schedules, our own streaming schedules and for some of us, IRL jobs to go to as well as family to take care of. I understand that waiting a long time can be annoying and it can suck when wr's are inaccurate but please realize we get 50+ submissions a day (at least) for Dread. It's constantly one of the most popular speedgames and has been since release. All runs have to be looked at and accepted with the same diligence. I understand the frustration but please keep these factors in mind before blatantly saying we aren't doing our jobs when this is something we volunteer to do on the side.

Also side note: this post was made 3 days ago. We have signicantly caught up on the backlog of submissions that used to get upwards of 150+ and now its consistently down to 20ish at the ends of most nights. Please be patient as i can pretty safely say majority of runs will be dealt with within the 3 week period SRC promises

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Oats may make a living off streaming, but without solid evidence to support it, I find it difficult to believe his placing on SRC is the main source of his career.

Even if that were the case, the vast majority of runners here are not making a living off of it.

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i dont mind a longer waiting time, sometimes i change my mind or improve on a time i want to see up instead 😃

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