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I’ve only just started doing practice runs of Dread and haven’t even given the door glitch a legitimate attempt, but the notes for patch 1.0.3 seem to allude to the EMMI door glitch that allows for intangibility.
It not only mentions damage detection, but adds a note underneath that they had “decided” to fix it “because there is a possibility that it may occur unintentionally,” which to me sounds like a way of saying “look, we know it’s weird that we removed this speedrunning glitch and not others, but this is why.”
I’m gonna try it out for a bit, but can someone more experienced confirm one way or the other?


Invincibility, which is what you're thinking here, has been patched out, and along with it the Axis Skew that required it too. These have been confirmed already.

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Ah I see, hadn’t realized they’d been confirmed and didn’t even consider the axis skew, that’s a shame. Thanks for the response.


What does it mean for the current leaderboards to have it patched like that? Did any current WR runs use axis skew? It was such a cool glitch =( I'll be sad not to learn it.


We're currently in discussion, because that's a HUGE thing to deal with. Patching out one of the biggest glitches in the run probably means big changes to the LB and submissions aswell.


I am not a fan of running any% unrestricted, but this sucks. I can only think of a few solutions and none of them are in any way ideal 🙁


It's nice to get faults in games fixed now a days with online updates, but I miss the days of a game just being set and printed. you get a (basically)static game to learn. issues like removing popular running tech just messes things up. Imagine taking a break from running this to play some other games, then coming back and EVERYTHING you used to know is thrown out. insanity.

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Then you get people outside of the speedrunning community congratulating the decision because they feel speedrunners are acting entitled.

When I say that they should prioritize fixing the crashing and all they say is "I never experienced any crashing".


@NewJourneysFireNewJourneysFire I never understood those kinds of people. Like, they're not even speedrunning the game, and their experience will literally not change whether it's patched or not. Ugh


They explaned why it was removed, I dont think they did this to "hurt" speedrunning, If not they would've patched everything.