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What is the difference between the Current patch and NMG categories? I uploaded a run following the NMG path but it was reclassified in Current Patch and I don't understand why


At first I thought "current patch" allowed for Major glitch but the top run actually longer in "Current patch" so that's certainly not it. Then I thought it was the opposite and "current patch" forbid any glitches, even, Pseudo Wave, Reverse Grapple or Water Bomb Jump, but the run basically start with Pseudowave, so I actually do'nt know, so I would like to know too. The rules listed do not really help answer that.

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Current Patch allows for all major glitches available in the current patch--the Invincibility glitch that allowed skipping both Varia and Gravity suit was patched out in 1.0.3, and is not available in the most recent version of the game, however other major glitches such as Shine Sink Clipping, Cam Lock, and Ledge Teleporting are still allowed, as these have not been patched out.

No Major Glitches bans the use of glitches that clip Samus through floors or walls, or teleport her. Pseudowaves are still allowed, but SSC and ledge teleports are not. I hope this helps clear up the rules!


Kiwillius, are you sure that you selected "No Major Glitches" from the "Glitch Category" dropdown when you submitted the run? The default selection is "Current Patch", so if you forgot to change that, it's likely that the verifier didn't change it themselves because an NMG run is still valid in "Current Patch".

In any case, it appears to just be a mistake--I've moved your run over to No Major Glitches. Sorry about that!