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Not sure what I really did here different but I was actually just trying to rage kill myself from failing the first emmi skip so many times

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Ordinarily, that would insta-kill (that goes without saying, I'm sure). Knowing that it IS survivable, maybe we can try and see if we can figure out the right positioning to survive it. Because, frankly speaking, that final shot otherwise just plain ticks me off.


Its not the explosion that deals damage in this trick, its the fact that the rock spawns on you and the game detects that you're out of bounds and insta-kills you. The final shot is likely done while clipping slightly into the seem between the two rocks in the top right corner, keeping samus just high enough not to be out of bounds.

I can get this version of the E.M.M.I skip maybe 20-30% of the time by intentionally trying to shoot while jumping in the very top corner between the rocks. I wouldn't say its worth it though with the original version not being much more difficult, and having a 100% chance not to kill you.

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@ClaireDivinerClaireDiviner the last shot isn't all that hard IMO but I think a lot of people fire a little too soon. I can generally get the final shot on the 2nd or 3rd try. I think this new method runs the risk of being too inconsistent

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