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hey not sure if this is the spot to put this but I figured I would ask the pros. I'm looking to start speed running Metroid dread but I have never did a speed run on a game any tips on how to plan the best route best controller where to start looking for more tips? any help is appreciated.

I decided on Metroid dread because of how fun it was and how comfortable I was able to get with the controls and boss fights I look forward to starting this adventure and seeing how well I can do at this challenge. thanks for all your help in advance!

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Switch Pro Controller. As to what route to run, just watch any video of the top 10 runners, and they all run more or less the same route. As for how to do various tricks for speedrunning, You can find some resources on YouTube; Hardpelicn's videos are helpful in this endeavor, as well as Samura1man's.

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join the discord there are some route documents and discussion happens alot faster.

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I followed the Google doc here in the resources tab to learn the route, the best thing you can do as a brand new runner though is just play. Even if you don't follow an exact route you should be able to push under 4 hours just by being familiar with the game. Your first time through using the glitches/skips will likely be longer than if you just went through normally as some of them are pretty tough to get down.

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