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Title says it all-- 1.0.2 patch just dropped and seems a little more substantial than 1.0.1. I'm wondering if any tech has been affected/patched out, and listing it on the forum should leave a nice "paper" trail for anyone who googles this question.


I don't think the patch notes mentions anything that would affect currently used speedrun glitches, but whether they patched said glitches without saying so remains to be seen.

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I can confirm PseudoWaveBeam and WaterBombJump still work in 1.0.2.
It seems they only patched certain softlock situations and a bug with the IGT.
Also It looks like they intentional avoid to touch any relevant gameplay glitches. I like it.

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Apparently, it also restored loading times back to the way it was in 1.0.0, as tested by some runners, so that’s a good thing.

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