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I found this seems to only be possible if you do a running turn around just as you bump the wall. Starting from a stand still would not trigger speed booster for me. I'm not 100% sure on this, but if I'm right this could have applications elsewhere so I figured I'd share this. I'm not even sure I'm the first one to find it.

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That's interesting, I've been trying to find a shorter boost method.


I've been able to, multiple times, trigger the speed booster from a standstill. It seems that you have to immediately start moving forwards after clicking in the stick for it to work. I have been able to inconsistently trigger it up to 1 sec after the click of the stick, but clicking the stick and starting to move right away has always triggered it every time I tried it.


Do you mean in this particular spot? Because I don't mean that you simply can't speed boost from a standstill, I mean that you don't seem to have enough space in this particular place.


Naw I thought you meant in general, apologies.

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And here my dumbass is thinking that that was the intended solution to that shinespark puzzle. I'm now realizing that maybe I just suck at the puzzles and ended up solving them with jank.


Dumbass. No
Genius. Yes


Can’t wait for a super Metroid style short boost to be discovered