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I made an interactive map that I hope some of you may find useful. Right now if you click on an item then click the time it links to a casual 100% run (no sequence breaks), an Any% speedrun, and a 100% speedrun.

I tried to add arrows to show the route taken but it didn't look good since I've only recorded item/boss times and not the actual path taken. If I learn some machine vision I can rip that data directly from the videos, but I'd have to learn a lot of new programming tricks to do that. I'm guessing people in the auto-splitter community might already have something similar to that so if someone can point me in the right direction that would be great.

I don't know if this is useful enough to be added to the resources tab or not. I'm mostly posting it here to get an idea what changes I could make to turn this into a useful planning tool or even just a visualizer. I think it'd be really fun to have it display the youtube video on the map itself so you could watch it zoom across the world, but like I said, machine vision is currently outside my skill set.

But enough rambling. I hope you enjoy it and thank you for reading!


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If you're taking suggestions at all: Any chance you can make Teleportals also link to their counterpart somehow?

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I think this is something that would fit in the resources tab. The route guides are nice as well, but with this you can really play around with the routing without having to keep scrolling up and down the doc.

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I would suggest you take the time to also make sure that the routes shown and used are the most recent things, and properly labeled.

For example, Oatsngoats's is technically a 100% Unrestricted run, and was done just prior to Camera Lock being published, and so the route has changed quite a bit.

It is a very nice thing you have here though, allowing folks to be able to see about when they should be getting items, and a general order of them as well. It'll certainly help out folks as it is if you can keep up with it.

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that's just incredible


That's amazing!


I linked the teleportals as per @SpifferstheGrand's recommendation. I updated the I also added ShinyZeni's 1.0.3 world record... which was beat before I even published it. Unfortunately it takes about as long to add a run as it does to watch one, so until I figure out how to streamline it (or figure out a machine learning solution) I'm going to have to limit myself to adding one run a week.

I'm putting dread on hold for a week to add some SM rom hack maps and then I'm going to focus on adding some arrows to show the routes.

Thank you for the feedback and encouragement.

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