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Pasted below is a Google doc link for an edited version of the preliminary visual any% route by chonny24. I copied chonny24's guide, then added brief routing and item descriptions. This routing is mostly based on the former WR 100% Hard Mode run by NeoRydia. I've thought about adding thumbnail size minimap images for some items, but in my last few runs I've noticed it getting easier quickly, so I'm mixed on whether it's a good time to make that effort. Additionally, it goes without saying that new tricks are quickly making this routing obsolete.

With all that said however, I do believe this guide is a good place to start if you're practicing 100%, and route changes will be easier to address once you've spent some time learning item location and requirements.

Thanks to chonny24 and NeoRydia, without whom I would still be drowning in item spreadsheets!!

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