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Any use for these tricks?

I have no idea if any of them have been discovered.


1st: is faster vanilla
2nd: might actually have some worth but you'll have to ask someone who does 100%
3rd: i've seen this before and it skips cross bombs for that section
4th: during a 100% run iirc this is collected right after speed booster via wall jumps


The 4th one is even sometimes collected in any%, depending on how many missiles the runner wants to have. You want to carry the booster there anyway, it's just a matter of whether you want the missiles or not.

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What SpifferstheGrand said remains true to All Bosses.


The 4th one is one of a few options for the last 10 missiles needed in Any% NMG. There is also the one after Quiet Robe or the one on the way to the double Burenia Bots