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Don't know what triggered it, but I was fighting Corpius yesterday and during the invisible phase, he just stopped moving his head.

This happened 2 or 3 times yesterday, and I never noticed it before, so I'm assuming this bug is specific to 1.0.2. This could probably speed up the fight a bit if we found a consistent setup for it.

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okay, so I've only tested it a couple times so far, but I think it happens if you end the first phase while he's spitting his acid ball.
So, assuming I'm right, the strat would be: hit him with 11 missiles, then run back to bait the acid spit, and fire the 12th missile as he's spitting. That should trigger his invisible phase, then you can just spam missiles/charge shots at ground level until he's dead.

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Can confirm. I tried it 7-8 times today and it worked all but once.
Here's one of the better ones:

And here's the one that failed. The difference I noticed is that his head is already at the ground when he does the acid spit, in most other cases he picks his head up before spitting.

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Can confirm that it worked for me as well. Very cool find.

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That's awesome! If you were to destroy the glowing red ball (to get more missiles) does that reset the AI? I presume it would since Corpius would undergo a phase transition, but was wondering if you'd tested that.

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I can also confirm this works, and I experimented with my previous question a bit. Out of 5 attempts, breaking the glowy bit does revert the head behavior to normal every time. However, this lets you get a bunch of free hits if you slide under and don't initiate the QTE, as Corpius just sits there with its head in the same spot, as you do with any other Corpius fight.

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Yeah, I just assumed it would reset after shooting his tail. Never tested it myself.

I think found a way to fix the odd time the glitch fails tho. Like I said, it seemed to fail when his head was already at the ground. It happened to me a couple times today as well.
Fortunately, he usually (maybe always?) moves his head after being shot, plus a single charge shot won't trigger the invisible phase after 11 missiles, but 1 missile will.

So after firing the 11 missiles, just note whether is head is at the ground or not. If not, no problem, just use the 12th missile on acid spit as normal. If it is at the ground, just hit him with a charge shot to make him move, then you can use either charge shot or missile for the final bit of damage.