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Hi everyone, I hope you're all well and enjoying running Dread. It has been flat out with submissions and it's been great seeing everyone's progression in the categories.

This is just a reminder to please make sure you read the rules before submitting. We are having to reject a lot of runs because end screen IGT images are not being submitted and/or the new rule of version number image or showing it at the end of the run are not being submitted.

We really don't want to be rejecting your runs. Especially after all your hard work in running the game and getting that PB.

Thanks everyone and keep grinding!

Flynn - obo The verifying team.

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Update to the rules

Runs that are above the video thresholds (Any%: 1:40 or slower, 100%: 2:30 or slower) no longer need to provide proof of version since proof isn't necessary to begin with. Proof of IGT is still required, however.

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