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Did something change with pseudo-wave for early space in the new patch? I used to get it fairly consistently in 1.0.1, and now it's very irregular.
It's possible I've just somehow lost the knack, and am either getting the angle or timing wrong all the time all of a sudden.
Has anyone else felt it gotten more difficult?

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I haven't noticed anything different, so I'm guessing nothing changed. That's my main method for early space, and I just finished a run earlier so as far as I'm aware it's still the same.

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I think its just extremely fickle. Sometimes I can get it 5 or 6 times in a row, other times it takes me multiple resets and I feel like I'm doing the same inputs, obviously I'm either off on the aim or timing. But it just doesn't feel like I am doing anything different.

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I’ve actually been having the same problem, though I’m pretty sure the trick is just ridiculously inconsistent. I didn’t know there was a timing to it and I just thought it required the right angle. I’d love more tips if anyone has any


This video might be helpful:

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That video and other tutorials Raine has done are super helpful

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After watching the videos and doing some attempts I find that the most useful tips are that the angle needs to be almost straight down but just slightly to the left , and that the flamethrower enemy below needs to be alive for the trick to work. I don’t think the timing is super important though I could have just gotten lucky. Also the video tutorials are very very useful


The timing is arguably the most important out of all the minor-class pseudowave tricks. You are looking for a specific frame on the claw animation.