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Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask this, but I'm new to speed running.

My first run has yet to be verified for the leaderboard, but I actually now have a PB I'm ready to submit. Whats the etiquette, have both pending, or should I delete the slower time from the queue? Don't mind either way, and just want to make the mods jobs easier, so whichever works 🙂

Thanks in advance for your replies


Me personally, I'd delete the slower time from the queue since it won't be the time shown on the leaderboard anyways. Plus it's one less run the mods have to verify in a game that's being flooded with submissions currently.


I don't think you need to delete your times. Keeping your time means you'll always be able to look back on what you did and how far you've come. Just submit another run if you already pb'd 😃
Making the mods job easier should be stuff like having everything set up correct, making sure the video is a highlight and not just a past broadcast etc. Submitting multiple runs is nothing that would fall under that category I'd say.

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I know on the only other game I have submitted times I uploaded a pb as soon as I had gotten it. Celeste doesn't have quite as many entries a day though.
But I still think its better to keep whatever times you posted even if they are slower, not just for you to look back on but other people might see your progression and decide they could do it too.


I'm not quite familiar with how runs show up on a verifier's end/mod's end, but I know in most cases that, if you submit another pb while still waiting for the other to get verified, the newer one will be checked and the older one gets auto verified since the previous is moot anyway

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