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Time starts when your feet touch the stone brick and time ends with your feet touch the 2x2 wood plank platform at the end of the parkour

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This idea was already discussed on another thread.

"There's a couple reasons why Limbo isn't added as a stage:

1. There's no start point. Even if the mods establish one, we'll never be able to tell for sure if everyone will start at the same exact spot. That can lead to a couple milliseconds difference at the end, which will for sure make a difference when the stage gets maxed out, since it's like a 10-15 seconds run;

2. There would be a need to use an external timer. Different external timers give different final times.

3. It's easier to cheat by cutting frames/speeding up the recording.

4. From my knowledge (correct me if I'm wrong) there's not really a way to stay in limbo unless you're on queue.

These reasons and other minor things like the fact that there's also no end point and blocks are breakable make Limbo a hard stage to manage."

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Yeah I see what you mean, also if you do /limbo you can stay in there for as long as you want

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point one is enough to stop it from being a category, but as someone who is fairly knowledgeable about speedrunning in general, point 2 and 3 are just wrong.

Point two is wrong because timers don't give different final times, there isn't much proof to my claim, because it's something nobody ever doubted, and it's something I honestly never heard in almost 6 years of running different stuff, and if this problem never arised in MUCH bigger communities, like the SM64 one, the general Minecraft one (which only recently has been much bigger), the GTA community, the Celeste community, or any other sizable community for that matter. The only reason why external timers should be banned is because there is an in game timer, and just like Mario Kart, or Goldeneye, there shouldn't be any reason to use external timing methods.

Point three would take like 5 minutes in any editing program to avoid. Really. A good verifier would retime runs, having to open the video in an editing program to confirm times have been timed right.
Splicing a run without loading screens is impossible, like, you'd have to be so precise to be able to, but even then managing to make it get verified would be hard, and on the speeding up although it sounds easy to miss it, in practice it's actually easy as hell to spot. I can't really point out how, because you just develop a sense for speeded up runs.

Regardless of those two points, still Limbo wouldn't fit in with the rest of the categories, hence why I'm not going to insist on it (as if the fact that I don't even run Hypixel Lobby Parkours wasn't enough), but what I hope this did was changing your mind over some points, as I really thought they were pretty baseless.
I don't mean to be rude or anything, I just found weird the reasoning behind a category being rejected, given my past experiences with running anything, really. Have a good day.


I've been on the speedrunning community for as long as I can remember. I would say 7 or 8 years.

Responding to my 2nd point: I have timed many runs myself, and I've used different timers. Yes, they do end up giving different times because it goes up to the milliseconds. A simple thing such as the timer frame rate (30fps or 60fps) can change the final time. You can test it yourself.

Regarding the 3rd point: Speeding up a run by a couple of milliseconds isn't noticeable at all, no matter how good you are. Now, if we are talking about seconds of speed worth, that's different. Keep in mind that limbo is a 15 seconds parkour, or even less. People wouldn't need to speed up that much to make it a world record, making it super hard to notice. You can also cut frames, and if your video is 60fps (frame rate) and you cut 1 frame, let's say, every second, it would be really hard to notice as well. Again, you can try it yourself.

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