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Wool Wars

- Added Wool Wars level on the leaderboards. It's been put in 2nd place, right below main lobby because it is new and it shows like that on the in-game compass.


Easter 2022 Seasonal Lobbies

- Added Seasonal% for the lobbies affected by the Easter decoration.
- We won't accept any non-affected lobby runs to this category.
- If the Easter decoration makes the run slower than the normal lobby, you can either submit it to the main categories or to seasonal% (up to you).
- Seasonal% will be deleted once Easter lobbies are gone.

Any questions? Either message a mod or join our discord:


New Main Lobby Parkour

As many of you may have already noticed, Hypixel changed their Main Lobby and featured a brand new parkour challenge. That, unfortunately, leads to the archiving of every single run done on the previous lobby.
We are also aware that there have been found strats using water that save a reasonable amount of time and, for that reason, we will be separating the Main Lobby Parkour (and only Main Lobby) into 2 different categories (1.8-1.12 & 1.13+).

We've also deleted every single any% run on UHC west & east and also on blitz sg since all of them only have 1 checkpoint.

On a different note and on my behalf, i'm sorry for my inactivity lately. I've been only verifying runs and nothing more. I'm having a lot of work lately but I hope our decision towards this update was the correct one and that you have fun playing it!

Stay safe,

New Rule on the Leaderboards

From now on, we've decided that speed 1 runs cannot be submitted to the speed 2 category.
This is to prevent speed 2 categories to have more speed 1 runs than speed 2 runs itself.
It also gives unnecessary free world records.

Have a good rest of the weekend,

Duels Lobby Parkour

As the majority of you may know the duels parkour changed on some parts, specially before the checkpoint 1 and before checkpoint 3, as far as I'm aware.
You can check the changes on the following links that redirects you to the screenshot comparisons:

1st checkpoint:
3rd checkpoint:

What are we gonna do about it?
Even though the changes are minimal, it is still slower than the previous lobby and it might not even be possible to get a sub 50 seconds right now. With this said all the runs on All Checkpoints and Any% for both speed 1 and speed 2 categories, will be archived.
Cosmetics% is not going to be affected since this changes don't really have an effect on this category.
Seasonal% will also remain the same because it was already implemented after the lobby change.

Please, correct me if I said something wrong or missed anything.

What if the lobby changes back to what it once was?
Don't worry, as I said previously, we are going to archive the runs, not delete them. We'll try our best to keep them safe so that we can bring them back if the old lobby returns!

Can't the old runs still be on the leaderboard and create a new category for the new lobby?
No. The real fun of the leaderboards is to break the world records. Letting the old lobby runs be there means they will never be beaten, which kinda breaks the purpose of the whole concept itself.

Unfortunately we have no control over the lobbies and if or when they change. The best we can do is to adapt to the changes, leading to some sacrifices like this one.
I hope you guys understand that we need to do this.

But hey, look at the bright side, there's free world records now! Go get them! ?

Have a great day and if I don't announce anything soon, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year. ? ?

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