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Both Maax and WindMark know that I try to appreciate moderators as much as possible. Now that Indev is also a moderator I wanted to add this thread not for any questions, but for a statement. Thousands of runs are submitted to the Hypixel Server Parkour yearly, and that's mainly done by one person. If you go through most of the records, it will likely say 'approved by Windmark' or sometimes others. The other moderators (Indev, Maax) both play outstanding roles in the community, but Windmark continues to impress. For this I would like ALL moderators past & present to have a big thanks, and I encourage you to appreciate them.

From Sydney Speed and the Hypixel community.

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It's been a pleasure moderating such an amazing community and I will continue for as much as I can!
If it wasn't for the players submitting their runs this wouldn't be possible.
Thanks to the community and thank you for this thread!

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you're welcome!

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This thread has really blown up!
Moments like this really show this community isn't all about competition. We can come together and appreciate each-other.

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It has been an honour moderating this leaderboard over the years and while I have stepped down, I really appreciate your message. Thank you.

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I'm a relatively new player to the server, and hadn't realised you'd been a moderator Bourkupine. (I planned for this by saying past & present in the original post). But now I know you were a moderator I want to say thanks for moderating, and I'm sure you did a great job.

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