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It's time for another big update!
I'm sorry if this took a while to do, but as some of you might noticed, the lobbies changed during Summer and I had to wait to work on most part of this update.
Thank you all for your patience and for sticking with this community, keeping it alive. This update is for you guys!
Without further ado:

In-Game Updates
Shortcutless Category
- This category consists on doing the normal courses but without using any big shortcut or going out of the intended path. I'm aware that this is very subjective from person to person and that's why this category is subject to change in the future. Keep your eyes sharp for updates.
- We will be accepting any run that ignores one platform or another, since that's not really a considerable shortcut. If any run contains a jump that skips a lot of the course or goes out of the path, it won't be accepted.
- To make it more intuitive and explanatory, I made videos of all the courses that Shortcutless will be applied on. These include: Arcade Games; Bedwars; Blitz Survival Games; Classic Games; Cops & Crimes; Housing; Mega Walls, Skywars; Smash Heroes; and UCH Champions (let me know if I missed any course). I also made an Introduction video explaining more in detail what will be accepted and what won't (with examples). Here's the playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFT0LHE70FMGzfLhAdleiX7F7uePgGKtU
- All the courses that don't have any major shortcuts, will not be included in Shortcutless. With this said, all the runs submitted to those levels will be automatically rejected.
- For obvious reasons, this category won't have Any%.

New levels
- Two new levels included on the leaderboards now! These are the ones placed on the UHC games waiting lobbies.
- All you have to do to get to these levels is: Open the compass on your hotbar, click on UHC Champions (golden apple), walk forward until you find a "solo" bot, click on that bot and join a game. You will be sent to a waiting lobby. Now you can either turn right (west facing in-game), or turn left (east facing in-game) and you have the 2 new levels.


All Stages
- Removed Tournament Hall from All Stages due to the lack of time it was opened, stopping players to go for this category.
- Older runs will not be removed since they're slower. If any player wants to remove their old run, they are free to do it themselves.

Discord Updates
Major Updates
- Cleaned every player that didn't have 3 world records (towards the respective role).
- Archived #tournament-discussion due to inactivity.
- Updated some of the channels on the "Important Talking" tab.
- Join our discord server here: https://discord.gg/YSVQSja

Moderation Updates
Staff Team
- Bourkupine resigned from his SRC Mod position.
- Maax got promoted to SRC Mod.

SRC Mod Applications
- We are looking forward to have a new member on our SRC moderation team.
Click on the following link if you think you are/have:
• Free time to verify runs on the website.
• Open to criticism and new ideas.
• Not biased towards a specific player(s).
• Capacity to catch "fishy" players.

- Applications: https://forms.gle/iP1fCrLPDhQXMJja8

Have a great day,
~Moderation Team.

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