Would this count?
7 years ago
Toronto, ON, Canada

I had an idea: creative mode method, but you'd just build another end portal when you got into the end, therefore finishing the game. Would it count, or do you have to go into the end portal that already is in the level?

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Overijssel, Netherlands

That's a great idea! It's completely legal according to the current rules, so I guess it's a free 20 second timesave.

Portland, OR, USA

This is legal if you can access the creative mode command block quickly enough.

What about building another portal out of the end? (tried in 1.8.8 vanilla, it works)

EDIT: As mod's response, no

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Toronto, ON, Canada

ok well after 2 years I finally got around to doing this. WR verified soon hopefully

Espírito Santo, Brazil

lmao,i was tryng weeks to do this new ender portal route,and before you write this on forum

Toronto, ON, Canada

This is illegal unfortunately.