LevelFirst place
Squid Coast
Creeper Woods
Soggy Swamp
Pumpkin Pastures
Cacti Canyon
Redstone Mines
Desert Temple
Fiery Forge
Highblock Halls
Obsidian Pinnacle
Creepy Crypt
Soggy Cave
Arch Haven
Lower Temple
Dingy Jungle
Overgrown Temple
Panda Plateau
Frosted Fjord
Lone Fortress
Lost Settlement
Windswept Peaks
Gale Sanctum
Colossal Rampart
Nether Wastes
Soulsand Valley
Basalt Deltas
Nether Fortress
Warped Forest
Crimson Forest
Coral Rise
Abyssal Monument
Radiant Ravine
End Wilds
Broken Citadel
Gauntlet of Gales
Treetop Tangle
This view only considers subcategories that apply to all levels. There are 3 more level-specific subcategories that apply. You can find more information by clicking on a level.