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i just had this idea for my 50 subs celebration but i think it can be a fun category of runs.
my video for example:
and i noticed some others also did it so it can be a fun idea


i mean, actualy
it doesnt exist yet
it isnt a random achievment
being "easy" is kinda relative, and it isnt realy easier than other thing we alredy have yk

it would just have been a lot better if he actualy got the water drop succesfully after all of the grind for the cube lmao

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maybe make it somewhat a little harder


It would be better if you provided more info about it, like what makes it a clutch instead of just a normal waterdrop, the requirements for the category and the timing


missed the clutch LMAO


You weren't the first to have this idea, I did this several months ago, I found a really good seed for it too