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Don't know if this is suggested yet but here it goes
Saw this video on youtube, the guy's speedrunning to get to the world border (igt was like 21 hours) he used tnt dupers to boost him

What do you think are the chances of this being a real category someday?seems fun ngl


@AbhirupAbhirup Because You need a LOT of resources for that it will take a lot of time, so that will make it 40-50 hours and the mods don't have that much time and if they do it would take like 9 months to verify because they also have to verify the runs

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nobody will want to verify a run like that. Also the methods used are likely to make others PC’s crash more often so its very device-dependent


didnt he did it on rsg not taking that long to? lol
tho ye the verification would be a problem


this is just going to turn into bedrock edition peaceful ssg (running on the nether roof for like an hour)

imo its probably going to be very boring to run as well


jokes on you bedrock peaceful ssg is under 5 minutes with new seed

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it might be 5 mins but, is it fun?