No one has reviewed my run
China This is my operation, which has not been approved, please help me approve it as soon as possible, thank you.

United States

please be patient, mods have a lot of runs in que and are trying their best to verifiy runs... well at least one mod is trying lmao

South Carolina, USA

We have like 3-4 mods trying to verify all 3 pages

United States

Mods have lives we only have like 2-4 mods that verify stuff so please be patient:)


do u have a great seed for 1.19 bedrock edition all logs? thx in addition, Java has a good seed but there isnt a ruined portal there

Georgia, USA

I’ve tried searching for one but there isn’t any, just try and use the regular seed since it’s the same on 1.19 and run for a few hundred blocks to the nearest mangrove