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No, unless it’s mine all ores. “Obtain” let’s you collected the ingot/whatever an emerald is from anywhere

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If I die during my speedrun, can I use a bed and continue or it it one life only? Example being, if I am in the End and I die to the Ender Dragon but set my spawn at a bed outside the portal, come back in and kill the dragon. Is this legal?

yeah its allowed to respawn

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thanks that helps me out alot

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unfortunately no, if you cut the recording then continue, thats considered splicing

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If I'm doing a run and a random joins and I kick them the moment they join is the run still good or is it ruined?

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just do multiplayer game off to be safe

But if I'm doing co-op then I need it open


then do invite only

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@Valiant_Blue timing starts when you first move, so it depends

if i upload the full run to youtube will that still work, also im not expecting a WR or anything near so im wondering if its worth even looking around for verification of my run once completed if done in as example 4 hours 32 mins, and my recording only records for an hour if it is worth getting it verified but i can put all the clips together in playstation sharefactory, it only looks like one long clip and you wouldnt notice it even changed clips but i know putting clips together is a very strict rule so im wondering if this is allowed. and thx if u made it this far into the reply its a lot longer than i thought.

i was wondering since my run was sent out about 6 days ago for a category that nobody has done, and I was wondering about how long that verification might take. I am not in any rush so take your time, i was just wondering when

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yes and yes.

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Do I have to pick up the nether star and sponge in a All Boss speedrun?


No, just kill the 3 guys

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Ok, thanks

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@Daniel15381 Not required.

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Removed bit about education edition since they have their own leaderboard now, and added a bit about trapping the Wither

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Idk if this is the right place to ask this but is there a way we can see how many runs are in queue or even what place the run is? thanks

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The MCBE leaderboard will not be accepting videos uploaded to discord as proof

The MCBE leaderboard will not be accepting videos uploaded to discord as proof

Starting today the moderators of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition and Minecraft: Bedrock Edition Category Extensions will be rejecting any new runs submitted with it's sole proof being a discord attachment.

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