Can I use a calculator?
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Can I use a calculator?

I recently made a buried treasure calculator ( that gives you the exact coordinate of a buried treasure in your chunk. Java has a built-in f3 feature that does this for you, but Bedrock only shows coordinates. Technically, you can do this in your head, but you’d need to memorize a set of numbers. I know a couple other people have made something similar to this for stronghold “starter staircases”. Would using a calculator like this be allowed in a speedrun?

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Thanks, but I can't find anything about third-party tools. Can't you just say "yes" or "no"?


idk i think you can because in my bedrock speedrun i keep resetting untill i get the perfect loot witch includes iron bars and iron leggings: and possably dimonds


just go in the glitches leaderboad anyway

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um how do i use


Sprinkz to answer your question any third party tools are not allowed doing the calculation in ur haed is tho so the answer is no.


Yeah but technically speaking how could you tell if someone is using a calculator or not? I honestly think it should be allowed because you can easily do this kind of calculation in Java due to the advanced f3 menu. also @MD211222 you get within 8 blocks of a Buried Treasure write in your coordinates into the inputs, and click "calculate".

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iirc i dont know if they have changed this, but 3 party tools are allowed, unless you need the seed for it is not allowed, but if its just potting cords and telling u the 9 9 chunk or 4 4 chunk its ok, but you would have to ask a moderator to make sure

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The MCBE leaderboard will not be accepting videos uploaded to discord as proof

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