Ok about swaggy 2:02 conversation about me
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Ok so this video they were talking about me quiting number one I haven’t quit I just run private and when I get sub 10 I’m only showing it to people I like in general like hash craze etc number two I didn’t just rage quit so who ever was in that vc was just smart to think that because my forum of me saying I’m retiring was fake(kinda) I just wanted to quit the mcbe community and run for me only Number three my title in my video wasn’t console wr but it had wr for like 3 days then I put it was 2nd place since what I did was wrong for breaking rules but peace I’m still running my alt for discord I’m using is CalvinHD so I’ll be in the mcbe discord doing nothing bye bye

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And the run wasn’t fake who ever said that is a dumbass

“Ok so I quit bedrock speedrunning.” Ya know, literally the first thing you said in your “I retire” forum, but how dare they talk about you quitting. Also, for someone who is just running for themselves and a couple of people you seem to care a whole lot about what random people in the community think about you. After you tried to pass your run as a console run that really hurt your reputation, but didn’t completely destroy it. Now though, you have completely destroyed it with all of these posts trying to make sure everyone still loves Calvin. Just shut up and accept that a lot of people don’t like you now, I’m not usually one to be harsh like this but you need to just be quiet about this and stop keeping this drama alive.

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calvin I promise to attempt my full fucking hardest to be respectful and nice but this is exactly how you make it a big deal, by posting about it, I cannot apologize for telling my friends in a PRIVATE call about a situation in speedrunning, I obviously didn't know that this would be the run I told swaggy that he could cut the audio he decided not to that is his what he wanted to do.

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if you care so much tell swaggy to delete the audio. it's not a hard fix.

and if you don't care, why did you even make this forum?

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@NinjaBanana08 bro ik people don’t like me that’s to be expected I just wanted to clear some shit up and you talking about me quitting bro have you ever just played for yourself in private probably not it’s just chill you feel better and idc about random people there wasn’t any I didn’t know that cared about me and I cleared shit up with arrow I meant to delete this

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Meant to delete this post so ignore


Bro nobody cares, literally nobody. Stop making these brainless threads. You are banned from the mcbe src so stop making threads here.

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The MCBE leaderboard will not be accepting videos uploaded to discord as proof

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