Runs not verified
2 years ago

Why does it even have to be verified? You know you did it. You know what place it's in (or roughly) You know if it's fake or real. Calm Down

@Owinsgood of course I know if I completed a good run and I know if my run is real, but it feels really good to see it on the leaderboard, that’s the whole reason why the leaderboard exists. I don’t really care if other people look at my runs, but to see your run on a global leaderboard is really cool

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@doraplayz i meant you know if it's fake or real @epicX08 creating a forum post about it won't change anything, your run will be verified eventually. I have one that's been submitted for over 2 months


People making threads like this until they see the queqe of bedrock edition

@owinisgood I agree you don’t need to make a forum about it, I wasn’t the one who made the forum, but since it was already made I figured I’d argue my point

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I like how every comment on mcbe or mbeuce is about how mods have lifes and "my run isn't verified" and nothing about the actual game

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He/Him, They/Them
2 years ago


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hey noobs please do not submit runs anymore bedrock is no longer available to run Thank you Management

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please lock this thread mods

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i just ate pizza lol

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@KiwiestBirbCheated You've already tried the joke 1,000,000 times It's not funny

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im bouta go eat a hashbrown

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thats what these threads have pushed me to do

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Sorry for creating this thread, I know it was unnecessary but I really appreciate the mods!

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Mods. Have. Lives

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The MCBE leaderboard will not be accepting videos uploaded to discord as proof

The MCBE leaderboard will not be accepting videos uploaded to discord as proof

Starting today the moderators of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition and Minecraft: Bedrock Edition Category Extensions will be rejecting any new runs submitted with it's sole proof being a discord attachment.

Discord, a pop

6 months ago