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Banned Players and Players Worthy of Doubt

I new one, yey

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List Updated (by Kai) Almost a whole week without a cheater! Let’s go fellas!

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List Updated I should not need to do this at 2AM

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He/Him, They/Them
3 years ago

More? They just don't stop,and go get some sleep MangoMan

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Oh also dora the main reason I would think people cheat is rng and jealousy but in our community since most topish players are helpful rng

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Hello, I want to ask that in co-op speedrun everyone's recording is needed?, I uploaded a set seed run with only my recording.

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Only the hosts perspective is required for coop

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So my new video can't be uploaded


Wait is it that common to get cheaters here?

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@GILlee_PT Sadly yes, although it's also not a lot of people when you consider this is the 3rd most active game on at the moment


I admit my mistake, I will type a new any%

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List Updated @ElTreago has the worlds best eyesight. This man eats his carrots!

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yeah fr

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List Updated People aren't even trying anymore :(

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New South Wales, Australia

List Updated Goes without say do not post submissions to advertise your channel.

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List Updated The site doesn’t respond well to tagging names containing periods in them it seems.