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@Hider1alduha ur not everyone

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Hey everyone, I want to clear something up. Dream’s luck wasn’t a 1 in 7.5 trillion, the luck was a 1 in 7.5 trillion chance that anyone will ever get his luck again. Also, simulations have been run, at least 7.5 trillion, and we don’t get anywhere near Dream’s luck. To show how unlikely his luck is, here’s an example- If you laid down black playing cards across the entirety of Utah and Colorado, and only one was red, in order to get Dream’s luck you’d have to pick the red card 3 TIMES IN A ROW. Do you see why he was banned now?


Shut up you like men


I just want to say this is incredibly dumb. This is something that you must keep inside the mods channel of your discord. This is not something for public display at all. Especially the fact that it includes players that didn't even play this game yet makes it worse. PS: I am not talking about dream, but you guys gave his stans a decent point to argue about. Anyways I don't even care about this game, but consider removing this and keeping this internally.

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alright yeah that's enough Khalooody I'm sorry but this can't keep going on

@Khalooody you're a mod, supposed to be a role model for the community and you're being quite the opposite. I hoped after the tos situation you would have somewhat pulled your head in. Yes the messages weren't yours but that isn't an excuse to keep going, you should have realised the behaivour is still not acceptable. I'm removing you as server and leaderboard mod until you show a level of maturity acceptable for the team. Smitch is also on thin ice for a ban

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@GMP yes that's true there dump

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@GMP why should we hide the banned players list from the community? That’s dishonest and unethical.

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NO, maybe they are A legit good runner but they wanted to be funny haha

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Can I know what happened to m8use?

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He/Him, They/Them
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no this isnt the right place to ask

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I thought he is banned.

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M8use isn't banned and this isn't the right place to talk about this.

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@NSP_BrixKD M8use is taking a break from the internet

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is being a mod hard

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Depends on what games you mod


If you want to be a mod you need to have much time to verify runs all the time so i won't recommend being a mod if you are still in school because learning goes over minecraft. If you feel like being a mod and you have time you can absolutely be a mod. Anyways i find it really unfair for the people who are actually passionate in speedrunning because of those who try to find new ways to cheat and are not even trying to speedrun.

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@marolegend unlike Java Edition, our mods actually verify runs. As a result we actually get bored from having no runs to verify.

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The MCBE leaderboard will not be accepting videos uploaded to discord as proof

The MCBE leaderboard will not be accepting videos uploaded to discord as proof

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