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Dublin, Ireland

Reply to this thread with any suggestions for new categories you would like. Try to refrain from requesting categories that are similar/the same as other categories here or on the category extensions page.

EDIT BY @MangoMan 29/07/2020 All category suggestions should be submit with the following information:

Category Name: What is the category called? Category Goal: What is the goal of the category? Category Rules: Try to make these as detailed and watertight as possible.

Example Category Name: All Items Category Goal: The player needs to collect every item in the game in the shortest time possible Category Rules: All standard game rules apply. Every item must be collected by the player. If you collect an item and use it in a crafting recipe for another item, the original item is still marked as collected. Timing ends when the last collected item is visible in the players inventory.

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Any% Solo and Coop ?

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Obtain all types of minerals (Coal, Iron, Gold, Lapis-Lazuli, Diamond, Redstone, Obsidian and Emerald)

Or if it's too hard, maybe only some of them, like Iron, Gold and Diamond.

Or if it's too hard, maybe only one of them. like Diamond.

All kinds of food would be nice to have, you would need only cooked versions of meat. Useless foods like chorus fruit and pufferfish would not be required.

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Texas, USA

yo a glitch-less category would be nice

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Iowa, USA

Perhaps "Enter Nether?"

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Wisconsin, USA

Nether Portal/ Enter Nether. Glitchless Full game Wither Death

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New Mexico, USA

Any% glitchless. Solo and co-op for all categories for this. Wither any% glitches/glitchless. 100% glitches/glitchless. Kill Ender Dragon twice Any%. All of these would obviously have random and set seed. Number of player categories in cluding Solo, 2player co-op, 3player co-op, and 4+ players. Seperate difficulty into different categories as running all of them together is pointless. Some examples of this would be: Wither any% glitchless hard solo random seed, 100% glitches easy 2player co-op set seed, and Any% glitches normal 3player co-op set seed.

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Dublin, Ireland

Thank you for the suggestions I have added glitchless categories for any% and will definitely be addingn Enter Nether to Category Extents once it is set up. The all food idea seems interesting and i may add it.

Delaware, USA
He/Him, They/Them
4 years ago

all ores, all food, all armor slots filled, all mob drops (not including food or boss items), defeat wither, defeat one of each type of passive mob, defeat one of each type of neutral mob, another one for aggressive mobs, trigger and defeat a raid

Nunavut, Canada

Quickest death? with one category called not by fall damage?


What about add a Giltched Leaderboard in"Obtain All Ores"? I've already have some ideas on how to do it. (I'm working on improving my English but some of the expression still seems weird...sorry about that)

French Southern Territories

All tools ex: all hoes all pickaxes and so on

Texas, USA

Someone said it before but quickest death

United States

oh no people think death% is a serious category monkaS

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Nunavut, Canada

i meant the quickest death as a joke. it would become too much like obtain tnt or obtain cake.

United Kingdom

All tools would be v good

United Kingdom

I can’t believe people are actually taking death% seriously


I think its better to add a Glitch/Glitchless Leaderboard in all armor pieces?Or it will be very confusing...

Michigan, USA

All Log Types? Set and random seed?

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