Add Any% Glitchless Peaceful?
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Add Any% Glitchless Peaceful?

There's an Any% Peaceful category, which uses a patched mobile glitch that lets you get any item, but we should add an Any% Glitchless Peaceful category because before 1.9 you could trade for eyes of ender, meaning you can beat the game in peaceful. Also a working 12 eye seed was found 200k blocks from spawn recently (seed will probably be revealed soon).

So yeah. Would be cool if this category was added.


wehn yoy runin 200k to ednter etn (I mean, might not be the worst idea, but... not yet)

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Hb now with 1.18.30

1 year ago

@doraplayz do ur thing


Why are you bumping this old ass thread

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It was fair tbh, they was asking about whether something would be good now, and it would be worse if they started a whole new post, so it was fair

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💀no one would run this have to be lucky

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Stop necrobumping threads. It's going to land you in the cage of shame.

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