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Per Kibō:
Bestia, Cohete, Fripon X, Monsoni, Stadt, Victory, Lusso XT
Only these ones can be glitched afaik
SST, 2-Wheel Drive, Burnout, In-Air Control can also be glitched
But SST only works after you unlocked NOS, the bar will fill up, but you can't activate it because it basically uses the same functionality as the NOS

Use cheat code rimbuk (this is where the run starts), then finish the races in arcade, then start career
The races that glitch those stuff are side races, and have different unlocking rule

And the game doesn't check if you finish those races in career or arcade, so ye
That's why the glitch works


Thanks for this. I'll post a video showcasing it when I have time (unless someone else wants to do it).


Just to clarify:
1) You only need to complete the races that unlock the cars. Ex: Gina2 for Cohete.
2) You can turn traffic off.
3) I checked most races in Paris and Tokyo on the PC version. I have yet to check the PS2 version.


I think the unlocking rules are the same in console and PC versions:

Anything that has the unlock condition R in column C, can be unlocked through arcade (besides the cop cars). Also, SST cannot be used until after you have beaten Moses, because SST and NOS use the same functionality.