Card-Party Category?
6 years ago
Bavaria, Germany

I know the mode isn't very viable for Speedrunning but this Card Minigame would be Cool as an extra Misc-Caregory and maybe the Hockey and Volleyball as one Misc Category - What do you think of it?

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Bavaria, Germany

AND: I'd Like to suggest a Mario Party 5 100% Category:

Required Stuff: Story Mode (any difficulty) All Boards (any difficulty) Minigame Circuit (A. d.) Minigame Decathlon (A. d.) Minigame Wars Minigame Battle Minigame Tournament The Modes in Super Duel Mode The Hockey Thingy The Volleyball Thingy The Card Party Thingy

If someone is interested (and If I missed something) - It would be cool if you could write your opinion to it :D

Missouri, USA

A 100% run of this game will probably take a while. Mario Party 8 100% speedrun was 17 hours, and I don't think you have to beat or play the Hockey, Volleyball, and Card Party in the extras mode to 100% the game, same with Minigame Circuit, Decathlon, Wars, Battle, and tournament, but could be used to get Super Duel Mode Points faster than playing them through a board, or through Minigame Freeplay mode. This 100% should be a thing, there already is a category for Mario Party 8, apparently Mario Party 4, and I think Mario Party 3, I'm not too familiar with Mario Party 3, the others I am, but I've never played any Mario Party game not from Hudson Soft (aka after Mario Party 8).