Marble Madness Wand Information
Marble Madness Wand Information
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Marble Madness (NES) Wand RNG

Eligible Wand Races:

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Aerial
  • Silly

Total Possible Wands per run: 3

Logic: During eligible races, once every 32 frames, marbles have a 1/256 chance of getting a wand. The marble cannot be wanded if the marble is unloaded while going through a tube. On 2:38 pace (WR pace as of October 2021), there is a 45% chance of getting one wand. The breakeven point (50/50 chance of a wand) is roughly 2:51 pace, give or take. Controller inputs DO impact whether or not you get a wand (as evidenced by save states). As of October 2021, wands cannot be manipulated in RTA; only in TAS.

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