Preventing losing in Hamsteak runs
1 year ago
Pennsylvania, USA

If you're using Tele-Death to get a third gravestone with a character other than the one in possession of the hamster, you can switch back and go for a fourth Weird Ed revenge in that brief moment before Game Over would normally trigger. This overflows the graveyard and lets you continue the game without losing first. The character you were controlling for the fourth one will then return as a ghost in Weird Ed's room. From this point you can still beat the game and/or legitimately finish off the party with an already full graveyard.

In this example I tripled Dave's gravestones, got Syd on Weird Ed's fourth swing, and got Razor with the Microwave.

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Pennsylvania, USA

This is a cleaned up "Hamsteak but win instead" ending. Unlike the other one, the party is fully wiped out by Weird Ed before winning triggers, so you can't walk past the graves during the apologies cutscene.

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Pennsylvania, USA

The Hamsteak Graveyard Overflow glitch also seems to be the only currently known way to achieve the strict Meteor Police-based "Cheese Stands Alone" Ending (win with only Cheese in inventory and no party members remaining alive)

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