A program used to run the game in "Windowed mode" (external link)

By N/A


Devices for capturing gamepad inputs for displaying on screen or stream. (external link)

By Frank Razenberg


Devices for capturing keyboard inputs for displaying on screen or stream. (external link)

By ThoNohT

S Keys

For showing keyboard inputs on recordings. (external link)

By N/A

XNote Timer

A very simple chronometer. (external link)

By Dmity Nikitin


Manhunt 1 PC - Save 100% + Starting levels already with updated weapons

The step is simple: Copy the files "MANHUNT0.SAV" and "MANHUNT7.SAV" to the (C:\Documents\Manhunt User Files\SaveGames) and good luck to all. (external link)

By WagnerBrasilWagnerBrasil


Full-Game Glitchless Free-Aim Any% splits

Data:20 February 2019 Player: Veekron (direct download)

By VeekronVeekron

Themes or icons

For those who like to customize their layout. (external link)

By WagnerBrasilWagnerBrasil


Manhunt Windows Vista/7/8/10 Unofficial Patch

Installs patched DLL files to make the game function properly on Windows operating systems newer than Windows XP. (direct download)

By gzwn (AJ Collins)

Widescreen Fix

Patch that fixes aspect ratio, HUD, FOV and FMVs on widescreen resolutions. Also can potentially fix crashes on certain setups. (external link)

By ThirteenAG