French language files

All necessary files needed to patch your version into the French one (fastest in dialogues). (external link)

By Illusion Softworks

Mafia FRE Autosplitter

Autosplitter works on Freeride Extreme of Mafia 1.0 and 1.2. Starts when you gain control after launching the game from main menu. Splits on "Congratulation" message after each subquest. Beware UFO chase is the only subquest it splits after "Game Saved" message. (direct download)

By TheShaltyTheShalty

Setting the up the autosplitter (external link)

By LemboxLembox


Allows borderless gaming in windowed mode (external link)

By WesTechSolutions


Savegames of an any% run

(direct download)

By LemboxLembox




Downgrade GOG's/Steam's version

instructions how to downgrade the version available at gog or steam (external link)

By LemboxLembox

Downgrade to Mafia 1.0

archive containing all the necessary files to downgrade Mafia 1.x to 1.0 [this archive contains a No-CD exe] (direct download)

By Illusion Softworks et al.