can i become a moderator ?
4 years ago
Georgia, USA

nobody speedruns the man categories and i want to help this game get some attention, can i become a moderator please?


3 things:

  1. You have no runs of any of the lw games
  2. Do you know how to reliably retime (frame-perfect, duh)?
  3. Do you have any reasonable improvement ideas?

(Also I can't make you mod, only the super-mod can)

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Georgia, USA

I think we should improve the timing of the game, we should start after clicking the start button, then stop when you hit the rainbow. I will submit my tutorial World Speedrun. No I don’t know how to retime.

Virgin Islands, U.S.

I think you should at least be able to time runs very well (as Leo said, basically frame perfect) and have a decent amount of runs on the leaderboard(s). Even then, the need for moderators isn’t really high right now, so being mod would truly just be one more verifier.

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Sorry to say it: Start press to timing start is kinda bad, because you incorporate loads into the time that way, which I want to eliminate in close-to-perfect situations like ILs. The end at rainbow idea isn't bad (I also thought about it, its really fine actually), but I want to keep all lw timing rules as similar if possible (exept lw1 ILs, those are a wild ride).

Also, not to be mean or anything, a mod should be able to reliable retime frame-perfectly. Cubz is correct with the fact that we have so little runs (less than just Archero) that more mods aren't needed and could probably only improve verifying time, although you'd have to be as active or more active than me for that. Maybe one day in the future we need more mods and you are an option, then you might become a mod. Currently it wouldn't really make anything better if you'd be a mod. (Also just hitting verify-mods are kinda useless (although I believe you wouldn't be one of them)

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United States

Sorry but literally 0 people have ever gotten Mod without runs in the game and just asking for it. If you really want mod join the discord and prove to the community that you are deserving of it

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Virgin Islands, U.S.

@nyoshi10 Here’s the discord link in case you would like to join:

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Georgia, USA

Yeah I think I shouldn’t be a mod

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