Super Story Glitchless?
3 years ago
Illinois, USA

I do my Super Story runs glitchless and I think it would be fun to have a leaderboard for a glitchless version

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Oklahoma, USA

There is not really a need for a glitchless category because not many people would run it and even in the full-game leaderboards there is no glitchless category and and any% is a much more frequently ran category, but it would be really cool for you or anyone to have a more optimal time without glitches so as long as your having fun you can do your own glitchless runs.

and also I forgot to mention but we've had issues before about what is a glitch and what is not a glitch and that would be a whole other problem and it is another reason why it is not a category. Thank you for asking about it though

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Indiana, USA

Going off of Ginger’s point, this isn’t just the opinions of the moderators/top runners. We have had this discussion as a community in the past, and the general consensus of the runners of the game is that glitchless categories should not be added for this game.

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Illinois, USA

Alright, this makes sense, thank you for responding!

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