All Stones & Crystals Route [Outdated]
All Stones & Crystals Route [Outdated]
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Parallel Worlds All Stones, Crystals

-High Level Overview-

Light World:

  • Get Lantern and lots of bombs
  • Escape Guardhouse collecting sword and Boomerang
  • Get Zora's Scales
  • Beat Nayru's dungeon, collecting Hammer
  • Get Boots
  • Beat Din's Caverns, collecting Bracelet
  • Get Parallel Key #1 by link's house
  • Get Book of Mudora in Kakariko
  • Beat Farore's Dungeon, collecting Hookshot
  • Collect 2 Bottles in Lost Woods
  • Collect Staff of Bryna and Parallel Key #2 from Halls of Pain
  • Upgrade Sword
  • Beat Draegor

Dark World:

  • Grab Ether medallion
  • Beat Darunia's, collecting Cane of Somaria
  • Get Bow and Super Bomb in Icy Kakariko
  • Beat Nabooru's
  • Grab Parallel Key x2 (#'s 3 & 4) on the way to Rauru's
  • Trade Ether and Sword in Fairy Fountain outside Rauru's for 1/4 magic and sword upgrade
  • Beat Rauru's
  • Collect Bottle and Parallel Key #5 from Icy World's Church
  • Beat Saria's, collecting Fire Rod
  • Beat Ruto's, Blue Mail Optional
  • Beat Sheik's
  • (At any point in Icy World, but certainly before Impa's) Upgrade max arrow count to 40+ and max bomb count to 20+
  • Beat Impa's
  • Climb Parallel Tower, collecting Parallel Key x3 (#'s 6, 7, & 8) and the Magic Mirror (North curtain in gauntlet room)
  • Climb Parallel Tower again, collecting Kokiri Emerald (East in gauntlet room)

Light World 2:

  • Return to Light World using Mirror

  • Grab Master Sword

  • Get Parallel Key #9 in cave by Master Sword

  • Climb Parallel Tower one last time, collecting Silver Arrows and Ocarina

  • Beat Ganon

  • Detailed Guide -

Guardhouse Overworld

  • North to kakariko

  • head right from kakariko entrance into cemetery path

  • continue right to cave

  • head around through armos cave

  • get lantern

  • hop down

  • return to kakariko, farm 10 bombs in storage shed

  • head into waterfall cave, get rupees by entrance

  • go left into hole

  • right, down, avoid worm!

  • left cave

  • right, all rupees, up, right

  • in maze of pits, you can walk between corners of land where it looks like you're supposed to walk all the way around

  • into guardhouse

Guardhouse Dungeon

  • hit switch, but go in right door

  • small key in pot in room with big chest

  • left door from entrance, getting small key in front of big key door

  • once you have 2 keys, center door

  • linear path until b2

  • head downstairs, left, and past ball and chain guards

  • in b4 go up, right a bit, down, right a bit, up, right

  • use bombs to kill the ball and chain “warden” with small key

  • head south and then right to tile room

  • use 1 small key to get big key

  • use 2nd small key and b ig key to get sword

  • death warp to entrance

  • Head left from entrance to wine cellar area for a small key

  • save and quit

  • head downstairs and right and use key to retrieve zelda

  • return to wine cellar room by foot

  • once in water area, head l eft, right, then upper right

  • go through maze of spikes and then maze of walls

  • once in switch room, immediately head for the switch and hit it

  • head for upper right room for chest key

  • save and quit

  • head right in first water room for boomerang

  • return to switch room this time leave orange, and proceed to upper right door (2nd from right)

  • next room has another crystal switch, use boomerang on it

  • pull left switch to finish escape

Nayru Overworld

  • safety heart [optional]

  • save and quit to house

  • get one or two bottles in lost woods

  • get net in kakariko

  • get fairies in either graveyard or cave 1 screen west of house [/optional]

  • head to kakariko

  • get more bombs

  • head up north stairs of town

  • head west and into north oasis cave for flippers

  • head far east along water towards the dungeon, getting heart piece before waterfall

Nayru Dungeon

  • head right at entrance of dungeon

  • once in water, head west one screen, north one screen, west, then immediately south, then west through tiny tunnel area

  • follow water channel left to big key

  • return to right ledge for chest key

  • swim north for hammer

  • death warp

  • go left from entrance with hammer

  • cross invisible bridge, bombs can show exact position

  • keep sword held out when using boomerang on armos

  • don't get hit by the moth… Hammer does way more damage than sword

Din Overworld

  • save and quit, go to house
  • swim west around beach
  • head west to docks, visit shalarsh for boots (down then left on docks)
  • save and quit to church


  • save and quit to house

  • get one or two bottles in lost woods

  • get net in kakariko

  • get fairies in either graveyard or cave 1 screen west of house [/optional]

  • head for graveyard enter dungeon

Din Dungeon

  • first sand pit enemy has a small key, use hammer to kill

  • use hammer vs lanmolas

  • bomb south wall

  • head south

  • small key in top left candle, bomb left wall, head EAST until a small door

  • south, left enemy has a small key

  • use key in room with mummies WATCH FOR HANDS

  • follow passages for chest key

  • head for bombed wall, then south - leads to bracelet

  • switch to exit chest room is top left pot

  • head to boss area, go left first

  • hammer vs zombies, light torches WATCH FOR HANDS

  • hammer vs moldorm, prevents him from ever going fast. 4 hits.

Farore Overworld

  • save and quit to house
  • head to beach, pick up big rock and get parallel key #1 by bombing top left wall and walking through locked door
  • can also bottle 2 fairies in the cave right by key cave
  • save and quit to house


  • get one or two bottles in lost woods

  • get net in kakariko

  • get fairies in either graveyard or cave 1 screen west of house [/optional]

  • kakariko, get more bombs

  • head to town library (big 2 story house) for book and get heart piece along the way

  • head up town north stairs

  • head west towards oasis

  • take caves in south oasis to sky isle

  • once on isle, head east, then north, then east across bridge

  • enter dungeon

Farore Dungeon

  • head to middle door, get fairies if needed

  • go in right door

  • get small key, return downstairs

  • head for left door

  • top right door

  • hammer 1 shots blue beetles

  • kill the red beetles guarding switch

  • flip crystal switch

  • after switch, return to upstairs, hearts can be found in pots

  • return entrance and take top right door (DO NOT RESET DUNGEON)

  • fairy in middle door if needed

  • light candles quickly (going south first), hit switch again after getting chest key

  • bomb jump across chasm

  • just kill the damn boss with hammer

  • jump off after boss explodes, get fairies and use book to entrance

  • return left door for hookshot

Draegor Overworld

  • save and quit to house

  • get fairies and bombs if you need them (closest fairies are in cave by house along beach)

  • head to woods again, boomerang helps with enemies

  • Get bottle from merchant if you haven't gotten it yet

  • forest maze password is south, north, east, south in 1.1 version and east, south, north, south in 1.0 version

  • heart piece and free bottle in secret meadow

  • hall of pain requires going to top right and top left corner both

  • can bomb jump or hover

  • If you can’t hover, plan on 2 trips to survive it all gathering, more bombs and fairies along the way

  • Parallel key #2 and Staff of Bryan found in halls of pain

  • save and quit to house

  • head north through kakariko and get net if you haven't gotten it yet (last chance)

  • Head east along water to get tempered sword

  • more bombs and fairies if needed

  • head to dungeon

Draegor Dungeon

  • bomb first right wall
  • push left block in dark maze room
  • after maze head up right away to dodge laser
  • hookshot stuns beetle in bridgelike room
  • red bottom beetle in mummy room has a small key. Use bryna and kill red first
  • must kill soldier in room full of pots for a small key. Use pots to kill, not sword
  • try to save magic for draegor
  • if draegor doesn’t flash, it means he didn’t take damage. Don't let him get knocked into spikes or his damage is nullified. 6 hits to kill.

Darunia Overworld

  • heart piece by dark world entrance

  • [optional] fairies can be found by going southwest, north to water ledge, swim left, use first ladder (frozen pyramid), head northeast to cave with fairies and option to buy arrows/bombs.[/optional]

  • IMPORTANT: throughout the icy world you will want to upgrade max arrows and bombs occasionally as you visit the pyramid mentioned above. Max arrows around 50 and bombs around 30 by end of game preferred, but save at least 100 rupees until nabooru is done

  • [optional, max safety] Go immediately to church for bottle, and parallel key. Head to icy world's version of link's house and get a heart container + full fairies. Then save and quit and go to Impas.[/optional]

  • enter Impas

  • use first gate twice

  • head outside

  • head into frozen pyramid for ether

  • [optional] though WAY out of the way, you can get ¼ magic early for safety in Darunia. To get, see steps outlined in ‘Rauru Overworld’ section[/optional]

  • assuming you aren't getting 1/4 magic upgrade, head back into impas after ether

  • use warp one more time

  • head right

  • use warp in right room twice

  • exit to fire land

  • enter dungeon

Darunia Dungeon

  • switch on right

  • up then right

  • down stairs

  • down after stairs

  • right. Skeleton drops big key, but it isn’t needed

  • head right, then up, then right, then armos

  • SKIP armos fight going through fake right door and get heart container

  • return to armos room and they despawned leaving a chest

  • get big chest key

  • head north 4x from chest key room

  • head left in room with block push

  • small key in top left pot

  • head north 3x, often having to push a block to proceed

  • get cane of somaria in big chest, watch eyeball lasers

  • head left, down, left

  • should be a tile room, wait it out. full magic in bottom left pot

  • can avoid tiles but inching waaaay into the right door

  • there's a full magic pot in tile room, but watch for eye laser

  • head up 2x

  • head left

  • head up stairs

  • in bridge room use bryna to avoid fire snakes

  • use bryna when vitreous attacks with lightning

  • kill big eye with hammer for more dps. Lure him in lower right corner, and attack from slightly above and to the left of eye

Nabooru Overworld ¤must have 100 rupees at start of this¤

  • save and quit


  • head south west, then north and jump into water (frozen pyramid path) to get more fairies if needed, and upgrade max bomb/arrow count

  • head south through victory beach and antisword beach

  • right at 'cold beach'

  • head along top of quarry to kakariko

  • get heart piece in kakariko entrance [/optional]

  • head to kakariko’s building in southeast with shed

  • bomb left wall once inside, cross spikes north, then get bow in chest

  • hook shot to heart piece in same room as bow

  • buy super bomb top left part of town

  • head to quarry with super bomb, being extra careful around crows (they hit for 3 hearts damage now, boomerang/hookshot are OP)

  • careful descending stairs with bomb, as it’s easy to accidentally hop off a ledge and lose the bomb

  • take bomb to nabooru entrance.

Nabooru Dungeon

  • head all the way around top floor clockwise to hole by entrance
  • push block north closest to where you land, head northwest and loop around south for hole
  • closest hole for next 2 drops
  • long east for hole
  • west for hole (green)
  • east for hole (blue)
  • up hole
  • in red room bonk across chasm to boss by hugging right wall by hole. use bryna to not die to beamos
  • bombs vs boss until 2nd phase, use bryna for 2nd phase

Rauru Overworld

  • NO SAVE AND QUIT. Head to dark world version of link house if you've never been there yet, bomb top wall.

  • fairie and heart container can be found in link's house

  • head to beach, then icy cave far north of when beach is over (area where skeletons drop)

  • take left path in ice cave

  • secret walls in icy room lead to Parallel Key #3

  • head right, then up bombing top wall

  • bomb left, then head south

  • heart piece outside for full container

  • left cave has mushroom guy. Bomb his library wall for Parallel key #4

  • head south across lake ruins then west to a fairy fountain in tree hole

  • Trade sword and ether medallion for ¼ magic upgrade

  • use ether to enter Rauru in swamp area

Rauru Dungeon

  • head upstairs, kill helmasaur. Once mask is off, use bryan and slash

  • after helmasaur head through spike maze until you reach block.

  • pick up block, heading south

  • dodge spikes heading south

  • head right downstairs, then west, leading to the “main room” with the many beamos, spikes, and switch in the middle

  • push statue onto block, then hookshot north

  • pull switch letting water down

  • take warp

  • use somaria in “main room” and take lower left door this time

  • head west through raised water room

  • after swim through water, head west

  • head west in spinning fire snake

  • head west again in room after fire snake

  • small key at dead end in sand

  • warp back

  • use somaria and take lower door again

  • swim and continue west (ignore big key door)

  • north in spinning fire snake room

  • use key west

  • north

  • grab small key with boomeang, go west

  • bryan to dodge spikes, go north

  • east to maze

  • DO NOT USE WARP IN MAZE ROOM. First push block to get big key in room immediately before maze. line up with spikes in big key room using south door

  • now use the warp in maze room

  • west again swimming across raised water

  • north through big key door to get small key

  • head back east across water and use warp in water room

  • Make crystal switch blue and then take warp

  • push the block, grab 2 small keys inside pots in this room (PUSH THE RIGHT BLOCK TO THE RIGHT, NOT DOWN)

  • head upstairs with 4 keys

  • series of small key doors

  • easy ass vitreous (abuse bryna)

  • head right in big chest room (don’t need the chest item)

  • head south east

  • fall down hole

  • head upstairs

  • hidden bridge room

  • hover to key door or take invisible path

  • easy boss

Saria Overworld

  • Save and quit

  • (if you didn’t do safe route before Darunia) head to south east of overworld to church

  • get heart, bottle, and parallel key #5 in church

  • head to lost woods

  • Lost woods = down, up, right, down in 1.1 version and right, down, up, down in 1.0 version

Saria Dungeon

  • head in north door, then go west

  • head to room where you pick up a block with 4 exits

  • head right

  • head right again (2 blocks to pick up in this room)

  • head north

  • hit crystal switch making it blue

  • head to southeast door of big room

  • go right then south

  • left, get free chest key

  • head south

  • dangerous room with block

  • hookshot across way into room with lots of rupees

  • bomb right wall, pick up rupees if needed for arrow/bomb upgrades

  • skip armos and go north for a small key

  • return across where you used hookshot

  • go flip crystal switch back to orange

  • head east again and then north of room with spikes on the floor

  • north through lowered blocks

  • west through mazes with HANDS and switches under pots

  • west at gauntlet with small spikes (I will refer to this room as ‘gauntlet room’ of this dungeon later)

  • South and then east in switch room, abuse bryna to survive

  • big chest with fire rod inside

  • head south through bomb wall to get to lower layer of dungeon

  • south twice more

  • top left

  • top right with bryan

  • left (way out of out of the way along ledges)

  • north 3x

  • kill enemies for small key

  • DO NOT hit switch

  • return to gauntlet room

  • head north twice

  • now in green area. head right, but can bomb left wall early

  • kill enemies for small key, bomb right wall

  • big key, use blocks below to center for spikes

  • go back downstairs and flip switch to blue using tompa/xelna strat: Hammer down all hammerable mole things on the right, leaving the left moles up Boomerang diagonally down and right from the top right corner of the ‘wall’ guarding the switch. Boomerang will travel through the corner of the wall Immediately hookshot left to the mole you left up Immediately walk down. If done correctly, boomerang will hit switch

  • Go into bombed left wall when you first came to green area

  • rest of dungeon is straightforward and free

Ruto Overworld

  • save and quit
  • south east straight to pyramids
  • main entrance with blue tiles in front

Ruto Dungeon

  • push statue far enough right before bumpers that you can squeeze between it and left bumper
  • push statue across first small north bridge, using hookshot to get link around to the top right to push statue left across said bridge


  • do this if you want to get the blue mail (recommended)

  • after statue pushing puzzle take lower door for chest key

  • mirror and do puzzle again [/optional]

  • top door after puzzle

  • right, then down

  • left in room with block to pick up

  • outside head to heart piece and entrance that is a hole under heart piece

  • jump down south

  • go up bottom left stairs, hookshot right pots for small key

  • hookshot to blue tile where you entered, get big key up north

  • use small key north

  • hookshot across, go through left fake door that appears closed

  • pull switch

  • head north to fire rod puzzle rooms (with all the torches)

  • Top right torch room has a small key


  • if you got the chest key

  • head left exiting torch area, get blue mail [/optional]

  • use book to the room with 2 layers

  • head north, then to the top left door of next room, killing all enemies to open the gate

  • head south in room where the walls caved in from pulling switch

  • exit outside at south of room, dodging spinning fire rod

  • jump down first ledge, and into cave on left

  • head to top right room

  • bop ice boss free

  • alternate bryna and fire rod when shit falls from ceiling

  • abuse bryna for 2nd phase

  • south after boss for small key

  • return to room before ice boss

  • north in main room, can bonk on pot to get across

  • use bryna and walk through top fake door

  • north 2 more times, avoid hands

  • east

  • north

  • kill moth

Sheik Overworld

  • save and quit
  • south west across bridges
  • south and then east to 'dead end'
  • right cave at dead end
  • fall in right hole
  • jump off ledge and head to south exit
  • dungeon is at top of chess board

Sheik Dungeon ¤¤¤This dungeon has some really annoying glitches that you'll just have to pray you don't get. Sometimes the final boss won't spawn. Other times, you get caught in the doorway right before the boss. In either case you'll have to mirror to the entrance of the dungeon and return to the boss fight. Its just bad RNG and I don't see how you can control this misfortune.

  • center door

  • bryna + bonks easier than trying to hookshot

  • bomb top wall on left side

  • switch under top right pot

  • bonk more to summoned small key

  • mirror

  • right door

  • small key in top left pot

  • use warp, head up

  • use 1 of 2 keys to go north

  • go north again

  • in dark room head left HANDS ARE BACK

  • head north in long chamber, hit switch under top right pot, arrows and bombs in pots near entrance

  • south door in X room

  • small key in pot

  • mirror

  • right door and warp again

  • in room with left key door, take door

  • hit crystal switch making blue

  • return to dark room with zombies, and drop down hole

  • take warp

  • head south in spike room

  • bomb wall on bottom right

  • bomb another south wall past tons of obstacles (need bryna)

  • trap the metal thing and bomb left wall

  • hit switch inside right pot in falling bridge room, rush north, and hookshot left, go in left door

  • invisible path in large room, appears to be a pit, but you can run across to big key

  • head back to falling bridge room, bonk left pot to reach middle and then hookshot top pot. watch eye lasers!

  • if you mess up this falling bridge room you’ll have to mirror, hit the crystal switch again and backtrack through zombie hole

  • assuming you succeeded heading right in falling bridge room, return north, and head west to big key door

  • use warp, can use hookshot to help get to it faster

  • head right through lowered blue block


  • bomb right wall

  • up

  • beat boss for win

Impa Overworld

  • save and quit


  • head to frozen pyramid and get fairies

  • have 20+ bombs, 40+ arrows by upgrading max carry counts in fairy fountain

  • in an optimal run this is really your last chance to upgrade your max arrow count, which is really important for Ganon [/optiona]

  • save and quit again

  • head into early impas entrance

Impa Dungeon

  • take first warp 3x

  • head right then up to dead end, skipping 2 warps

  • take warp at dead end 2x

  • head north into boss looking door

  • head right

  • use hookshot to head up

  • hookshot to warp up top

  • avoid left suction door, head south

  • take warp in centered room 3x

  • right then north into dead end warp x2, (similar to beginning but not)

  • head up then warp

  • right door, then warp

  • up door

  • warp up top

  • left door

  • big key

  • warp top again

  • down door

  • warp

  • left door

  • warp

  • big key door

  • hit boss with hammer a few times but DON'T FINISH HIM OFF until the tiles are dead or else the crystal won't spawn (floor tiles must die before moldorm)

  • use bryna on tiles as you get a few more hits on boss until he's moving fast

  • wait for all tiles to finish

  • kill boss

  • just because boss is exploding doesn't mean its safe to take of cane of bryna yet. Fireballs still come to knock you off the ledge

Parallel 1

  • after impas you end up on lava isles, so easy access to parallel tower
  • heart piece by entrance


  • right from entrance, use hookshot to avoid fire rod damage
  • don't hit switch! leave orange
  • complete torch puzzle
  • bomb right wall in 2nd somaria platform room
  • head up stairs


  • right door
  • south right door
  • kill lanmolas with bryan
  • up stairs


  • left door to bridge
  • run up bridge, bonk to right onto invisible platform
  • light torch on way out of tile maze
  • walk around avoiding hole
  • kill moldorm with bryna to not get knocked off
  • head left, but bomb right wall before you leave
  • down
  • walk straight along center to pot, then bomb jump to lower right
  • get parallel key #6 in bottom pot,
  • hover to center pot in key room if possible, else fall down and work way back to moldorm room
  • head through bombed right wall in moldorm room
  • maze is just annoying af, save magic if you can, exit is top right
  • up stairs

4F (worst floor)

  • bryna right away in blue bc of eye
  • south then left
  • south again in room full of eyes
  • left through fake door
  • south
  • left
  • lanmolas room, use fire rod moving up and down right edge facing left
  • lanmolas room has bombs and arrows inside pots if you're running low
  • left after lanmolas
  • full magic in lower pot in room after lanmolas (have bryna up)
  • left through barred door
  • left through cannon room (have bryna up)
  • tile room, must kill all tiles
  • kill moldorm with bryna abuse, careful not to bounce backwards
  • fall down hole once moldorm is dead, exit door is on top right
  • bryna, pick up block, head up
  • skip chest, head up. In spike rooms, take off bryna right before you exit the room to not take damage from a glitch
  • right through fake barred door
  • head down stairs, dash right
  • head up stairs, dash right, right fake barred door
  • through top door up to 5f


  • bottom door
  • right QUICKLY
  • around snake to top door
  • bryna and bounce across gap on spike to top (bryna will make you bounce backwards when you touch spikes)
  • bryna and right door, full magic in pot by door
  • bomb top wall quickly
  • light all torches
  • right in room you bombed
  • continue obvious way, can farm hearts off wizards using cane of somaria to kill 4 at a time
  • bryna through rolly room to left
  • bomb jump up, then hookshot pot down
  • continue to left door
  • left across green bridge
  • armos kill with arrows if you have them, bryna if need to be safer
  • keep in mind Ganon requires 19 arrows and you need to fight armos 3 times before that. Don’t waste them all on armos
  • down in room after armos
  • hookshot parallel key #7 south, head back up
  • right to single armos room, kill with fire rod (to save arrows), go down
  • bryna through next parts AVOID WARP


  • go left, then up
  • right door
  • bonk on the 2nd from top hammerable mole thing to go north. Use bryna liberally in this room bc if you get knocked into a hole by an enemy you’re gonna want to rage quit the game
  • bomb right wall in spinning fire snake room
  • parallel key #8 in lower pot!!!
  • up
  • kill all enemies, using byrna
  • up, then left
  • kill all enemies with bryna, head up
  • head left
  • don't fall, continue left
  • more left
  • head upstairs


  • south door X
  • left through orange blocks
  • use key x3
  • bomb top wall after 3rd key
  • head to top center door
  • in bomb jump room bonk to right torch top onto invis platform
  • hover or bomb jump. Watch a run for bomb jump visual cues


  • down left
  • bryna the skeleton heads in corner
  • head right, avoid eye
  • north through fake spikes
  • room after fake spikes is GAUNTLET ROOM. Wherever you go next you cannot return so pay close attention!
  • swipe north curtain in gauntlet room and go up
  • fake right door
  • fake barrier, pull switch by door
  • get chest key and mirror back to entrance to climb the tower yet again!

Parallel 2

  • keep switch orange and climb the tower again just like last time, except this time you can avoid going out of the way to collect keys
  • at gauntlet room mentioned above after fake spike room, hit switch in center and head RIGHT instead of going through top curtain like last time
  • save and quit and mirror to light world

Parallel 3 Overworld

  • save and quit to house

  • head to south west kakariko

  • grab bombs/arrows in kakariko shed if supplies are low. Fairies in cave next to house. This is the last chance!

  • go through quarry and west to victory beach

  • up, right, left, up to escape beach puzzle

  • get master sword in top left pyramid

  • head right from pyramid following river to furthest right possible water entrance

  • hop into water and swim right into cave

  • get final parallel key in chest

  • save and quit to house

  • north kakariko stairs

  • head west to oasis and travel to isle of sky

  • head on into dat dere tower

Parallel 3 Dungeon

  • Crystal switch should be made BLUE this time

  • head up at first cane platform instead of right this time

  • proceed through spikes, wait for tiles to remove bottom spikes

  • get big chest with silver arrows and then head right before floor falls out

  • head up then right

  • everything is the same once at lanmolas for a while

  • get heart piece early on ice floor in chest for full heart

  • still head left even though blue tiles are down on 6f

  • head right early on 7f into locked door

  • (must light torches as you go) up

  • left

  • right, down, right

  • up, up, left path, left

  • wait for tiles to spawn to create bridge

  • in dark room, go up

  • up again

  • right

  • lanmolas

  • left

  • left (using last key)

  • kill skulls with bryna, go down

  • same thing next room

  • left

  • up to join room you're accustomed to. Continue past bomb jump section again.

  • right on 8f into the fake spikes spikes

  • secret room left AVOID WARP

  • ocarina

  • head down through another secret room from ocarina chest

  • right

  • hit secret moles with hammer in room leading outside

  • into bush for Ganon


  • 5 arrows until 2nd round of fire hits
  • 14 arrows for final phase
  • bryna helps focus on hurting Ganon in spinning fireball phase rather than having to focus on dodging
  • when screen goes all dark, use objects in the UI to help determine where the torches are
  • if you fall to Ganon late in the fight, the fight will sometimes be easier the second time around. The floor won't fall and the screen won't go competely black.


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