New rules for the game.
5 years ago

Since there's now two of us here, I propose we discuss the rules and differences with the game.

  1. EGA / VGA get their own leaderboard
  2. All difficulties should be the same (the drafts are fixed through a run anyway.
  3. More has to be done with evaluating ScummVM and how it works on various machines.

Opinions and ideas? Discuss.

Hesse, Germany

Hi good idea :)

  1. Yes sounds logical (agreed)

  2. Yes also makes sense (agreed)

  3. Same on Amiga, I will check the differences if I run it on an A500,A1200,A2000 etc.

  4. Starting and stopping timer: Start= After difficulty is chosen Stop= Last user input on staff to draft swan

Bugs and Glitsches should be allowed (are there any?)


I don't know of any bugs or glitches, but you should be able to change text speed (with '>'), and of course, skip dialogue (with '.').

Also would probably need a list of Amiga emulators, if run on emu.

Hesse, Germany

I can check out the emulators, from my personal experience they are not very different in their options and emulation capabilities.

Personally I use WinUAE.

Btw: Do you know what this controll does, I could not figure out what effect it has? ALT i Reposition Instantly Source:


I am pretty sure that it resets the cursor to the center. I'll check later when I'm back at my pc.


Nope I was wrong, it disables screen scrolling to just move the screens in a static manner. No effect on speedrunning.

Hesse, Germany

Ah okay, thanks for figuring that out.

Is with save/without save in any kind also important? I would say without save, because its so short, but I dont know if it would make a difference - (will try)

Thats all I can think of for now.


saves make no difference, single segment is the way to go.

Hesse, Germany

Okay so, then feel free to write down the rules and so on, there is nothing more to add from my side.


Rules added, leader board reorganized. Let me know if I missed something.

Hesse, Germany

Seems to be fine.

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