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A change to the board has occured today.

Individual Level categories have been added for ScareScraper. Each mission type in ScareScraper + Boolossus now has its own unique leaderboard that can be submitted to. These will be single-floor submissions rather than full ScareScraper runs. We feel with how popular ScareScraper has remained, this can serve as a nice addition to the boards, as now if a run goes bad there is always a shot at the ILs for times.

The same basic rules from ScareScraper apply there:

  • Local co-op (Player 2 as Gooigi) is banned
  • Teams must be made with friends only.
  • The player count must be consistent (players cannot disconnect)

Additional rules:

  • The results screen must be displayed at the end of the run
  • The category you submit to must match what your floors mission is.

Timing will use the in-game timer (the time you see on the results screen). In the event of ties, we may recount to check for timer lag, but milliseconds will not be used to break ties.

If you do not wish to submit standalone videos of the floors, you may also submit your pre-existing or future Full ScareScraper runs to these, however your video link must be correctly timestamped to the specific floor you wish to submit for, or the run will be rejected.

If you have any questions and/or desire clarifications feel free to reply below.

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First of all, I appreciate the work that was put into adding each of the ScareScraper missions as speedrun categories! This will make speedrunning SS more interesting if a run gets bad. Thank you! There's just two things I'd like to mention... Is there a specific reason why rare ghosts isn't a category or was it forgotten? And secondly, I assume if you're submitting multiplayer runs for SS ILs, that all teams must be formed with friends? Just like how it is when submitting a full SS run? Or could you actually submit while playing with random players online? That's all I have to mention, thanks again for adding these ILs! :)

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Yes, teams are still required to be with friends. Thank you for letting me know I forgot to add that detail in.

As for adding in Rare Ghosts, we have been reconsidering adding it in since making the post. However, our concern with it currently is of the Rare Ghost Types. 1.3 and 1.4 have added new ghost types, and for now we have not verified if those new ghost types require buying the DLC or not to access. We are currently looking for input! (And this question goes out to anyone!!) Do you know of anyone who does NOT own the DLC, and is on Patch 1.4, and have they encountered the new ghost types before?

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The question has been answered and an IL for Rare Ghosts has been created

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It has now recently been brought to our attention that there is the chance for in-game time to be inaccurate.

Let me preface by saying that this doesn't matter at all except in the case of a contested WR, so don't even bother thinking much about this beyond as an explanation for why submissions that lead to a tie in WR may potentially have times reworked.

Also hi, I like to give overly long explanations to simple things, rambling is my game.

Anyway, the discovered problem is that during Team Games, players can join floors slightly later than others by a few milliseconds. The in-game timer is not universal and is instead tied to each individual player, starting about 1.2 seconds after they personally spawn into the level. Should a team finish a floor just as a second turns, this has a chance to have the floor come off as a whole second faster than it really was, for the latest-spawning player.

For example, say a team is doing a 4P floor. Player 1 loads into the floor first. Player 4 is recording the attempt and is the last player to spawn into the map at about 150ms later than Player 1 did. If the floor takes 1 min 20 sec 100 ms to complete for Player 1, it will display as 1:20 for Player 1. However, due to Player 4 spawning 150ms later than Player 1, their timer will read as 1 min 19 sec 950 ms, it will display as 1:19 and would make the submitted time technically qualify for a 1:19 instead of 1:20 since Player 4 is the one who is recording their results.

This is a very rare occurrence for 2P~4P teams and generally will only happen if you complete the floor within frames of the timer swapping to the next second. but still is something that can happen that will lead to inaccuracies. We will always go with the slowest time within the team as that is when the earliest action has occurred in the run. We will not sweat this difference except for when it is crucial to decide who truly owns a WR.

Now. How will we handle this? Well, in the case of a tied or near-tied WR (1 second difference), we will check the delay in milliseconds in which the recording player spawned into the floor relative to the 1st player, and add those milliseconds to the in-game timer. In cases like this, the submitted time may be changed from the results screen time.

For example, say Team 1 submits a WR run for 1:19 while Team 2 submits a run for 1:20. We would inspect and see that Team 1's time is, as far as the recording players PoV goes, a 1:19.990, with the recording player having entered the floor 30 ms later than the 1st player, so we'd adjust the time to 1:20(.020). Team 2's time ends up staying as a true 1:20, so the teams in the end are tied.

"Why not just display milliseconds to decide ties?" Because we want to keep true to the format of the in-game timer of SS and keep it to solid seconds, while at the same time wanting to keep it fair, as it would suck to lose WR because your recording player spawned 10 ms faster than another team's recording player that decided a second turning or not for their results.

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