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Hi, I'm Xealous. My old name is "XAvive".
So, there exists my record but has no details.
Today, I'll tell you the info for history of this community.
I'd like moderators to re-write my records.

First, please change the name to "Xealous".
My SRC page is https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​user/​Xealous .

*No OoB 1:08:33
Recorded on 2012-06-12 ( Jun 12, 2012 )
Video is

*100% 1:33:07
Recorded on 2013-06-23 ( Jun 23, 2013 )
Video is

*low% 1:41:29
Recorded on 2012-11-17 ( Nov 7, 2012 )
No videos.

Platform of all run is Japanese GCN.

I think movies are precious because there are no movies recorded on 2012-2013.

I'm happy because there is over 450 records.
When I start this speedrun, there exist only 2 records about No OoB.
And I know that written "LM grandfather" at my record page together in past. I was very happy.

I wish LM speedrun community be more excite.
Thank you.