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1 year ago
New Hampshire, USA

Before I start to learn this game, would an ODE be allowed? My laser is pretty much burning out and will be receiving a Fenrir as soon as it ships.

Arizona, USA

I dunno, I guess. Would have to see how much the difference is in load times and possibly add a flag or something if it ends up being significant.

New Hampshire, USA

Awesome. Hopefully I will be able to complete a run some time next week then will take the time to try and compare the load times. Another way may be separate categories ODE possibly be in the same as Emulator? The only time I felt speed improvements is going in and out of the stages essentially when the laser needs to move I would say it's about a second. It feels like the boss load the same, but it's hard to tell. The lag is still completely there especially fighting the stone head guy and breaking the rocks to get the lizard tail

New Hampshire, USA

I was finally able to get a run completed, I have been comparing load times between rooms, bosses, and load times. Transitioning between rooms I have not seen any differences between the transitions. When it comes to the bosses loading in it is from anywhere between .1 - .3 seconds. The Loading screen between each island has been a solid .5 second. When it comes to starting the run there is a 2-3 second time difference. I have timed to far up to leaving the mermaid cave and have roughly 8 seconds on loads. With how many loading screens and bosses loading in I would say there is roughly about a 25-30 second time difference. I could be totally wrong, but will update when I complete the comparison.

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