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Faulty Submissions
Colorado, USA

I'm sure many of you have noticed that I've left this game open to having runs put on the boards without being verified. I do manually go through and recheck every full game run and many IL runs. There has been a large increase recently in IL submissions, but I would still like to leave the boards open otherwise I just know they'd sit in the queue for ages. I do catch a lot of mistakes, but I don't catch all of them. Please use this thread if you notice a run that needs a closer look. Thank you <3


Unrelated but there are only 2/3 runs for level 1 and others so I was wondering if I can submit my match even tho they aren't that fast?

Colorado, USA

You don't need tied WR or anything to submit a time. As long as it follows the rules you're fine. :)


I won't submit tho it feels morally wrong to upload a 1min run when there are peeps with 1 second record xD Thanks for replying tho :)


Hey I was wondering if you could take a closer look at AlexLeon29's 3min12 run - the only footage is a twitch clip which doesn't show the whole run. I believe this is also the case with his previous submissions. Wouldn't that invalidate them? Thanks

Texas, USA

I've just discovered that my first run of 6:25 isn't actually a 100% run since it misses some stars. Oops.

So I've deleted it from the leaderboards, but for history here's the link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1eWPSAdHx7iYlD9r357ocTiJ3MARRbYL3/view

Colorado, USA

I've removed his times.

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btw about my recent run that got rejected, what should I do to make start time verifyable?

Donegal, Ireland

Was your run an individual level or a full game run

Colorado, USA

You were already in the first puzzle when you began your timer. Trim your video back by 2 seconds and it's fine.


@Jumpy luff it was the prev run and then restarted the timer and progress but no need to see it cuz it was a really slow run and Imma do faster next time

Colorado, USA

You are right, retimed and verified.

Texas, USA

I think the first place Any% run is invalid (edit: It is now removed)

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