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2 years ago

I think the following categories will gather much more people in lichess speedruns

  1. Win as fast as possible against stockfish lvl (1to8) in (1,3,5)+0 as White/Black
  2. Reach on puzzle streak as fast as possible score 10,20,30,40,50 or whichever you prefer
  3. Score on puzzle racer as high as possible (since the time limit is 90s) or something else regarding puzzle racer
  4. on anonymous mode (without chatting, cheating) beat CONTINUOUSLY as fast as possible 5,10,15 (or whichever number you prefer) opponents in Ultrabullet, Bullet, Blitz (or specific time controls) and maybe with or without counting the seconds for waiting opponent make 1st move or time to be paired with opponent I hope you will see these suggestions and add at least one
Colorado, USA

Thank you for your input. Of what you suggested, I'm mostly interested in your first suggestion. This page was created around the existence of the training mode, even though the "PVP" side of the game had existed for many years prior.

Maybe it is a personal opinion/preference, but this sort of speedrun should be in the runners' hands. There is nothing outside of the player's control in lichess basics, but winning against human opponents is wildly inconsistent and unmoderate-able. Nobody can watch a run and make the ruling that the opponents were not intentionally helping the speedrun. does not support high scores and has been up-front about not being the place for them. 10, 20, 30, etc. are arbitrarily chosen values. If the game awarded some sort of medal for a streak, it is much easier to justify the addition of the category.

Creating the board in hopes that it generates interest in a new category is just not how it works. The leaderboards of all speedgames are made based on organic interest. As of now, the leaderboard will not change, but if you decide to do a run of anything you suggested, you should post it here and get others excited about it.

Opolskie, Poland
He/Him, They/Them
6 months ago

clearing all sections of

additionally, "Basics+Practise" as a category combining them two

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