Feel free to suggest extensions here.
2 years ago

Suggest extensions for any LBP/Sackboy game. I will add a game when it has a category! You can also suggest community levels things.

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Dum idea: LBP2 Cakinator% Use create glitches to attach cakinator to yourself Beat every level with the Cakinator

alterative categories: LPB1 jetpack% LPB2 grapple% LPB2 grabinators% etc.

United Kingdom

For all games you could add IW's (individual worlds). Timing would begin at the start of the first level and end at the end of the last one. This'd be helpful for practising specific parts of one game, and unlike IL's you can incorporate any strats on the world map.

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I can’t agree less with this idea

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I still feel like boostboots% would be pretty cool. Right after completing the introduction you go to my moon and do overlord strat and bring in the specialized item thing and get boost boots through the whole story, and beat the game as fast as you can. This would allow NG+ stuff with the boost boots to be done, and on PS3 this would be even crazier.


Added worlds!

About boostboots%. Could add that, but I would probably change it to NG+, essentially the same thing except you dont do any create glitches.

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5/10 Pins you just have to get the number of pins/achievements, I think the strategy of which pins to do and the order to do them in could make it a really fun speedrun


lbp psp demo%

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maybe multiple lbp games?

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Multiple LBP games already exists 🐸 https://www.speedrun.com/multilbp

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1 year ago

lbp 1 reverse%, beat the collector through to introduction

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Lbp2% (as an LBP 1 category) you import all the lbp1 levels into lbp2 and have to beat them in order

Mustach% complete introduction on a new save file and when u get to the section we’re u unlock changing ur costume u will immediately wear the mustach acssesorey and exit the popit then the run will end on the frame that the popit closes (edit if u add this then I’ll be the first to speed run it I bet)

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Grab% the fastest time to grad an object, could be in any game in the series as long as grabbing is a thing.

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You can just spawn in a second sackperson to grab for most of the games

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You could make that not allowed just like how you can’t use hold to retry in die%

United Kingdom

Even then, you can grab in Lbp2's intro and the level after that in 1&3, so most of the run would be cutscenes

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I'm surprised this doesn't exist already, but: MGS%, a LBP1 category where you beat the metal gear solid pack as fast as possible (with the pack being pre-installed).

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27 days ago

we've got a speedrun page for lbp dlc https://www.speedrun.com/lbpdlc

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