Make a segmented run please!
9 years ago

A segmented run of this game would be fucking awesome, you'd be able to manipulate RNG such as the Serpents, it would be so cool and potentially bring in a lot more runners! :)

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Sorry for such a late response, but I figured I'd put this here anyway.

There are a few reasons a full segmented run doesn't exist. The biggest reason is probably that IL runs are the main "segmented" type of run; basically we just play a level over and over until we get a good run and then we upload that one run by itself and add it to the IL leaderboards (which are here: ).

A truly great segmented run would be able to segment mid-level, like how a lot of the Sourceruns segmented runs are. Unfortunately, there's no way of saving mid-level in LBP :( So to emulate this, we'd have to run to the beginning of a segment mid-level, start recording, and try to run the segment. And if the attempt isn't perfect, in most cases we'd have to restart the ENTIRE level, then run to that one part and try it again. Some of the segmented/TAS style tricks in the game would take forever to pull off in this case.

Even if that weren't a major inconvenience, a lot of the levels are really cyclic, which is not good for a segmented run without save-states. If you can skip an extra cycle with a crazy segmented strat, then you're going to have a hard time resetting the next segment and attempting it in a way that the cycles will line up accurately in the full video. For example, in the beginning of the Bunker, there are some really tough tricks you can do to skip an extra cycle, which we'd probably explore in a segmented run or TAS. But even if we pulled off that first segment, the timing of the cycles later on in the level will have changed a ton, so figuring out how to run the later parts would be really difficult. Your only choice would be to basically run the entire level perfectly straight through since splicing mid-level would mess up the cycles.

Ideally, we could make a great segmented run if someone were to hack save states into the game. We could also wait 10 years for decent PS3 emulation, and just make a full-blown TAS (which would be AMAZING). But for now, the most accurate segmented run we could make would just be a bunch of IL world records, except quitting to the pod early at the end, with footage of the pod spliced in between.

In the meantime, here's a segmented run I did of a hard community level in LBP2 :)

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