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In Glichtless rules, the rule :

Complete the game fully, collecting all the magic levels, and following the storyline as intended.

It is neccessary make the pharmacy quest ? Or "complete the game fully", indicate only obtaining all magic levels and following story of game (terminate all area) ?

The pharmacy quest permit chat with the Keraa'oc employee for obtain information to go to Keraa'oc for obtain Dinofly help (but in this Keraoo'c house, the employee of house indicate missing Keraa'oc and the only interest of house is obtain the gallic acid).

If the pharmacy quest permit of not resolv, the Glitchless runs gain many minutes (a ladle, I would say 2 minutes).


I don't think that this should be necessary. Same thing with talking to the schoolmaster right after talking to Zoe after returning to twinsun. Imo it should be fine to just head to the Pearl